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Chain Guide Cover Guard Protector for Suzuki

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Chain guide composed of TPU, excellent in wear resistance and restorability and duralumin plate with CNC processing.

Reduce the load on the swing arm attachment stay by using TPU material that is durable against impact and wear. 3D design slider reduces the impact of the debris coming from all directions.
Maintains its guiding performance that requires rigidity by a duralumin plate designed exclusively for the model.

The TPU chain guide block is used for reduces mainly impact and wear so it may need replacement after use for a long time.

-- Excellent in wear resistance and restorability.
-- Reduce the load on the swing arm attachment.
-- 3D design.

Item Specifics:
Type: Chain guide
Condition: Brand new
Chain Guide Material: TPU
Plate Material: Duralumin
Treatment: CNC processing
Color: Black, Black & Gold
Quantity: 1 pc

NOTE: We recommend using a thread-locking agent on all bolt threads.

Package Includes:
1 x Chain guide

Fit for Suzuki
RM125/RM250 2001-2008
RMZ250 2007-2020
RMZ450 2005-2020
RMX450Z 2010-2019
DRZ400S/SM 2000-2021

Please apply removable low to medium strength screw/thread lock for installation,  please check the slider for wear periodically