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Chain Guide Guard Protection

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Chain guide composed of TPU, excellent in wear resistance and restorability and duralumin plate with CNC processing.

Reduce the load on the swing arm attachment stay by using TPU material that is durable against impact and wear.

3D design slider reduces the impact of the debris coming from all directions.

Maintains its guiding performance that requires rigidity by a duralumin plate designed exclusively for the model.

The TPU chain guide block is used for reduces mainly impact and wear so it may needs replacement after using for a long time.

Get this to improving your chain working performance!

We also sell the replacement chain guide block for your later block replacement.

-- Excellent in wear resistance and restorability.

-- Reduce the load on the swing arm attachment.

-- 3D design.

Item Specifics:

--Type: Chain guide

--Condition: Brand new

--Chain Guide Material: TPU

--Plate Material: Duralumin

--Treatment: CNC processing

--Color: Black, Orange, Blue,

--Quantity: 1 pc

Package Includes:

1x Chain guide



85SX 15-21

125-500 SX/SXF/XC/XC-F/EXC/EXC-F/XCW/XCF-W/TPI/6D/Six Days 2008-2021

FREERIDE 250R 2014-2017

FREERIDE 250F 2018-2019

FREERIDE 350  2014-2017


TC85  2015-2021

TC/FC 125-450  2014-2021

TE125 2014-2020

TE150/I 2017-2021

TE250/I 2014-2021

TE300/I 2014-2021

FE250-501 2014-2021

TX125 2017-2019

TX300/I 2017-2021

FX350/450 2017-2021

FS450 2016-2020


1 Please apply removable low to medium strength screw lock for installation

2 We recommend using a thread-locking agent on all bolt threads.

3 Please check the slider wear periodically

In the case of trail models, guiding performance is enhanced as much as racers. The abrasion speed varies depending on the

number (maximum number of 45)

4 The range of change of the number of the rear sprocket eth is less than that of the stock chain guide. When the number of teeth is increased, the position of the chain adjuster may move forward, causing interference.

5 Since the guide performance is improved as much as the racer, the range of change of the number of rear sprocket teeth is less than the stock. If the position of the chain adjuster is large and forward when the number of chains is increased.

Maximum Teeth

CRF250L/M. CRF250 RALLY:45, WR250R/X:48,KLX230:48

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